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Post by Assasins Creed on Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:04 pm

[color=darkblue]To All Members Recently I Search a Site and what i found is a capicat clan tag they using our tag. and the funny thing, this guy who create tha site useally he always play here before. We know, the KMA KISS MY ASS anybody can use it, This is a free Game. But our tag is unick and this is our tag originality . So Guys Be Aware Of The impostor Clan tag . I JUST LET You KNOw OUR CLan Since I made this with Hawk Way back ago, Almost a year now the popularity has been grow and known as a best server' For all knife season. And most of them had been jealous /envious people . We cannot blame them, they just a noob followers on our clan. So Be proud to be a part of <{KmA}> Kiss My ASS /aka Knife4life server. Any comments just Pm Me . :cheers: by[b] Tongcruz.[/b][/color]
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